EPS / Clean Set

Provides blocking and bracing for furniture and appliances. Can be custom-cut into protective shapes for delicate glass, china and other fragile items. Provides impact protection for sensitive electronics equipment. Good for loose-fill tonnage.

Optimizes Protection:

  • Custom-cut protection from shock and vibration
  • Thermal insulation
  • Compatibility with corrugated cardboard, flexible-foam and chipboard composites
  • Dynamic strength: High compressive strength for stacking  and  Densities ranging from .85 to 2.0 Ibs./cu.ft.

Saves Money:

  • No more expensive molds
  • Lightweight for lower shipping costs
  • Easily assembled packages for reduced labor

Fresh Cleaning At It's Best

Silver Bullets, Anyone? 

Everyone is looking for the silver bullet—that miracle weight loss pill, cold prevention remedy, or the special golf swing training aids that will make you drive like Tiger (I have been looking for this one for most of my life!)  Most of the time, the silver bullet just ends up in your foot, instead of helping to achieve your hopes and dreams. But then again….sometimes the silver bullet does exist due to hard work by their makers.

Improve Yield
Wes-Co has developed a product, known as Clean Set, which may be a real salvation to the manufacturers of sanitary ware. In most sanitary ware applications, the dried product is placed on Styrofoam setting pads when loading the kiln car. Sanitary ware toilets and tanks are heavy and difficult to maneuver into position. The Styrofoam provides for a 'soft landing' so that the ware is not damaged during initial setting.

However: A solution of one problem often leads to another, and this is certainly true in this case. As the Styrofoam burns in the kiln, it releases volatile gases that end up condensing on the roof of the kiln in the colder areas of the preheating zone. These condensates tend to mix with the chlorides and fluorides emanating from the products being fire, and create a greenish-grey goo that coats the kiln crown. From time to time, particles break away from the roof and fall on the glazed ware being fired, creating dirt in the glaze.

The EPS product, marketed under the name of "Clean Set", claims to have eliminated this kind of dirt defect. While it works like Styrofoam in terms of cushioning the placement of ware, the manufacturer has raised the flashpoint of Clean Set to be several hundred degrees higher than standard Styrofoam. The volatiles released oxidize more fully at this higher temperature, and condensate buildup is reduced or eliminated.

Does It Work? One of their clients certainly thinks so, and reported the same. If it works as advertised, it may solve an age old problem and reduce a significant loss category.

As article appears in the December 2006 issue of Ceramic Industry,
Reprinted with permission from Ralph Ruark

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