Thermoform & Returnable Packs

Thermoform Pallets with Eco-Shield Sleeves

Eco-Shield is a water resistant box

Thermoform pallets

About Eco-Shield Plastic Moisture Shield

  • Gluable - Printable
  • Water Repellent
  • Based on P.E.T. Technology
  • Repulpable & Recyclable
  • Scrap Value for Used Boxes
  • Reduce Landfill Disposal Costs
  • FDA-Compliant for Direct Food Contact
  • Certified to Carry the FBA Wax-Alternative Repulpable Logo

Eco-Shield Applications

  • Moisture vapor barrier
  • Oil & grease resistant (foodstuffs)
  • Hot & cold release
  • Freezer storage applications
  • Reusable Packaging

Eco-Shield Features

  • FDA-approved (meets CFR 176.170 & 176.180)
  • Recyclable barrier & relase coatings
  • Non-Wicking to Water & Iso-Propanol
  • Based on polysester co-polymer technology
  • Technology adaptable to various processes
  • Internal treatments that make paper non-wicking to water

Exhaust Tray Pack

Exhaust Tray Pack

Exhaust Tray Pack

Exhaust Tray Pack

Returnable Packs using Thermoformed plastic pallets and 8mm plastic sleeves

HDPE rigid boxes with drop panels

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